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Micha Vanony Live! Listen loud!

Premiered friday 29 November 2013

Salle du Ponant, 12 avenue d'Ostende, Monte Carlo

Free - doors open 18:30 - read more / plus d'info…

Micha Vanony - advenir live Vendredi 29 Novembre 2013, dès 18:30 - Entrée Gratuite


Spring 2013: a new music video every week!

micha vanony: a new music video every week - Spring 2013


Check out my new show: Abats en concert, W/ MRS

Micha Vanony & MRS - Musique Rythmique & Sportive : Abats en concert

Somewhere in the unfinished, Free to download 48 min Mix

l'avant ou l'après , New music video

Micha Vanony - Advenir - L'avant ou l'après


of mud and light , New EP 4 tracks

new album "of mud and light" out now!

Micha Vanony - of mud and light

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